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Training and capacity building

The Yemen Conflict Sensitivity Platform provides capacity assistance to agencies delivering aid in the country to help boost the conflict sensitivity of individual agencies through a standard training programme, sector-specific training sessions, and a draw-down facility.

Training Module (Coming Soon)

Objectives And Main Topics

Basic level training: Introduce conflict sensitivity, enhance participants' understanding of conflict sensitivity concepts and how to apply them, and link the relevance of these approaches to programming

Intermediate: Covers challenges and opportunities for embedding conflict sensitive approaches into internal agency processes (e.g. HR, procurement, partner selection, etc.) as well as operational practices

Advanced: Focuses on strategic level decision making on aid and opportunities for enhanced conflict sensitivity and the impact of aid on political processes

Sector-specific (health, WASH, etc.): Provide an overview of the interaction between specific sectoral programming and conflict dynamics, identify opportunities and challenges related to conflict sensitive approaches to sectoral programming

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