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About divWidget
divWidget is an online visual tool that allows web developers to create interactive studio quality HTML5 animations. Quickly create stunning effects based on a highly advanced animation core. Fully engage your target users with perfectly synchronized interactive animations.
Advanced Animations
divWidget adds a ton of styles and functionality to the browsers core animation capabilites.
Fully Responsive
Easily set styles for different devices, orientations, widget sizes, and much more.
Fit Text
Fit text to the size of your div containers (multiple lines and markup supported).
Nest Widgets
Nest and reuse divWidgets as assets. For example, nest a slideshow in a banner.
Trigger synchronized animations and apply styles from any event without writing code.
Define images, video, fonts, JavaScript, HTML content, and more as reusable assets.
Shape Editor
Create and edit polygons (stars, arrows, etc..) with the built in shape generator / editor.
Combine Animations
Create stunning effects by combining and reusing any number of animations.
What can I create?
  • animate anything
  • interactive banner ads
  • advanced slideshows
  • loading screens
  • button and hover effects
  • split text effects
  • polygon shape effects
  • animated gradients
  • div and page reveals
What can it do that CSS cant?
  • split and animate text (characters, words, and lines)
  • animate gradients (backgrounds, borders, and text)
  • morph polygons (points are added if necessary)
  • control animations (stop, play, pause, reverse, etc...)
  • play animations synchronously (one after the other)
  • apply any property or style while animating
  • set default animation properties
  • specific easing for individual keys
  • additional pre-defined easing (elastic, bounce, etc...)
  • combine transform animations without conflict
  • fit text to an element (plain, multi-line, or markup)
  • trigger animations in response to any event
  • set response values based on widget size and more
  • use aspect ratios to specify widths and heights
  • set border sizes using percentage values
  • convert clip path polygons to a mask
  • shift clip path points (supports decimal values)
  • transform clip path points (rotate, scale, skew, etc...)
  • clip path polygon fallback SVG or image for IE
  • optionally use JavaScript to generate any value
Which browsers are supported?
All divWidget features are supported by all modern browsers, except clip path polygons in Edge (use SVG polygons to gain Edge support).
How big is the published code?
The zipped JavaScript weighs in around 46K depending on the features employed. Custom settings for each widget you create is typically around 1K or less zipped. Any number of widgets can be added to a single web page (the main JavaScript code only needs to be included once).
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